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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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52                       THE FATE OF MAN

But we ate living in an age when the Christian
tevelation and the fteedom of the spirit are
renounced, and man is  handed over  to  the
temptations of the Grand Inquisitor.  Even Chris-
tianity has been touched by these temptations,
but at the moment it seems to be freeing and
cleansing itself from their influence, at a time
when the rest of the world lies completely in
their power.   Everything is so tangled and con-
fused that great clarity of spirit and of vision is
necessary if one would distinguish rightly among
the images presented by our modern world. One
of the most confusing elements in the picture
of division and recombination is that of liberty,
threatened on all sides, defended by the partisans
of the bourgeois-capitalist world.   But even in
the presence of the most complete civic and
political freedom,  men  may  be  deprived of
freedom of the spirit, of conscience, freedom of
creativeness: they may be deprived of personality
and originality, as concerns their contact with the
basic elements of spiritual life.   Men may be in
economic slavery, bereft of economic freedom,
if such freedom is conceived not as the tight to
sell one's labour, not the right to exploit one's
neighbour and leave great masses of men in
poverty and bitter dependence, but as liberty to
realize a worthy human existence,
In the capitalist world freedom has been the